PDP – Player Development Plan

Player Development is the core philosophy of the FAI’s Player Development Plan. While understanding that children are naturally competitive, we need to focus on and understand the importance of player development versus winning at all costs. Winning at all costs inhibits player development. The result is secondary the quality of play and the enjoyment of playing. It is essential that young players are free from constant pressure of winning and are allowed the freedom of expression on the pitch. A players get older, the process will become increasingly more team oriented, with a greater onus on results.

The PDP is a player focused model based on the enjoyment and skill development. It includes restructuring the playing model for underage football (boys/girls), to a clear policy on the best age-specific formats of the game.

Primary Elements of the PDP are: 

  • Uniform pitch & goal size
  • Retreat Lines
  • Greater emphasis on respect & fair play
  • Minimum playing times
  • Age-specific team sizes
  • One size ball – four different weights
  • Roll off and Roll on substitutes

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