U12S A
Breska 0-4 Shountrade 

In what was a nitty gritty affair between the two sides who play football the right way. The game was ultimately decided by who took there chances with Shountrade getting the goals on this occasion. We also had some very good chances through, Tiarnan, Scott, Gerry & Dean at different stages in the game but unfortunately couldn’t score, which has been the story of our season. Great performances but a lack of firepower. It’s a learning curve for everyone and it will make us a better team. Even though we seem to lose every week, I went home smiling as a coach because the lads said they love playing this calendar season football because it is “fun” and to me it shows results don’t matter to them.

MOTM was Dean O Carroll. Dean was thrown into the deep end tonight starting his 1st match of the season, and what he gave to the performance tonight was determination, willingness to compete and tackle, and drive to improve himself as a player.