💰💰 Support the growth of Breska Rovers and win yourself some prizes💰💰

Breska Rovers are delighted to announce that from October 1st we commencing a 50-50 monthly draw for our members, supporters and community.
Entry will be just €10 per month, payable online.

Pay 3️⃣ months, 6️⃣ months

6 months will cost just €50, mean one free entry!!c

📌🛒Hayes Shop, Tervoe will also have an entry box available, where you can enter on a monthly basis.

GUARANTEED 3 monthly winners. 50% of the overall monthly pot split into 1st, 2nd, 3rd prizes*.
If you are not in you cannot win!
Launching October 1st.

*Your entry will run consecutively, If you sign up for 3 months today, the draw will run for the next 3 months.*

Permit granted.