Breska Rovers AFC Club Fundraiser – Premier League Last man standing

We are delighted to announce that we are running a Premier League Last man standing competition right here through our club website. The competition will operate as normal except it will be completely online and payments will be paid to the club through Stripe using your card below in a safe and secure way.

Winning Prize of €250

The Rules: 

  • Pay your entry fee (€10) through Stripe below prior to week 1 (19th June).
  • Each week after week 4, A club committee member will contact you to pick a team playing a match that week – if your team wins, you go through, lose or draw and you’re out.
  • You can only pick a team to win once in a competition, so be tactical about who you pick and when. (Week selections above, game week starting 19th June)
  • If you pick the same team twice you’ll automatically get the next available team alphabetically according to the premier league website.
  • If your team’s game is postponed, you are automatically put through to the next round.
  • If you are still in after week 4 you will be notified by text for your selection for week 5.
  • Last Man continues until only one person remains and wins the pot. If all remaining players lose in the same round, the prize will be divided evenly among the players.
  • You must wait and pay through stripe to enter. Once you have an email receipt you have entered.
  • Committee decision on all matters is final.

Thank you to all who entered the Last man Standing, We will post up details of everyone and there team selections here and on our Facebook page shortly.